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Years Paddled:



Wife Anita of 24 years in September, son Josh is at NC State, and daughter Katelyn (12 going on 25)

Where He’s From:

Originally from Norfolk VA,, I arrived in Wake Forest via Knoxville, Tennessee; Jeffersonville, Indiana; and Greenville, NC. We have lived in Wake Forest for 22 years in the original house we purchased out of college.


Graduated from Jeffersonville High School in 1984 and East Carolina University in 1989 with BSBA in Finance


I am a Senior Sales Executive with AT&T and have been privileged to work out of my home for the past 12 years.

What has influenced his life:

 My Dad. He has always been a mentor and role model that I have used to measure my growth as a person.

Fun Fact:

I enjoy paddling, golf, and am a private pilot (although I haven’t flown in a few years).

Essential Paddling Gear:

Advil, spare paddle, empty Gatorade bottle, an adventurous spirit, more Advil.

In His Own Words:

 My Sister-in-Law, Susan Hockaday, passed away from colon cancer in January, 2002. Since she was single, she became an extension to our family, going on trips with us to places like Disney and the beach, to name a couple. She enjoyed spending time with us, especially my son Joshua, and we enjoyed her witty humor and great company. Susan was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer on July 27th, 2001. Remembering the date is easy because she found out on the same day that my daughter, Katelyn, was born. She waited two weeks before telling us because she didn’t want to spoil the celebration. But that was just like her, always putting others before herself. Susan worked for the Davie County Health Department outside Winston Salem although she had a Masters Degree and experience that could have led her to a leadership position in a more glamorous organization. But she was all about her home and community so instead obtained grants for free child safety seats, child immunizations, and other services. She was always broke so we always bought her dinner when we ate out. At her memorial service, we were approached by dozens of people who told us how Susan bought them groceries when they had no means of their own. Told of how she drove them in her car across town to doctor’s appointments for them and their children.


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