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Age:Richard copy


Years Paddled: 

2012 – 2103


Married to Jan Lloyd Folsom for 44 years.  Three sons:  Brett, Noah and Seth.  Sadly we lost Seth in an accident in 2002.  Life is fragile.

Where he’s from:

I am originally from Fayetteville, NC.    I am currently living at the mouth of Blount’s Creek, NC, along the Pamlico River.


Fayetteville High School, ’67.  East Carolina University, ’71, ’74.


I help Jan with the restaurant whenever she needs me, but otherwise spend my time writing.  Three books so far:  The Pareto Spread in 2006, Indian Wood: A Mystery of the Lost Colony, 2008,  The Project, a story that begins with a nuclear bomb in the ground in eastern NC and ends in the Middle East, 2012 and Waiting for Kerouac, a Greenwich Village story about the transition from the Beats of the 1950s to the Folkies of the early 60s, 2014.

Fun Fact:

We’re Pirates!  Jan and I, and our sons, Brett, and Noah, are ECU alums.  Arrgh!

Essential Paddling Gear:

Lemon flavored water.  Green apples.  Nuts.  Golden raisins, and a little bourbon.

In his own words:


There are more types of cancer than one can imagine.  We’re all impacted, family members, friends and co-workers.  I felt helpless when my brother died of pancreatic cancer, that there was so little I could do.  But then I heard about Hope Floats and discovered that I can make a small contribution just by getting involved, and helping raise money and awareness.  That’s why I’m on board again for 2013.

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