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    Prelude to a Dream

    Kim Tart had not picked up a paddle until her late 30’s.  She began paddling as a way to reduce stress and strengthen her body after her battle with thyroid cancer in 2008.  Kayaking became a way for her to clear her mind of the everyday stresses and enjoy the solitude and peace that comes from being on the water.

    Paddling also became a way to spend some quality time with family and friends while exploring new places.  It was on one of these trips that Kim came up with an idea to paddle a long distance and turn it into a way to raise money for cancer research.    After pitching the idea to her husband Chris, they began to try and find other groups that had done the same or similar in an effort to find the best ways to go about making her dream a reality.

    A search of the internet led them to the Castaways Against Cancer, a team in southern Florida that had been doing exactly what she had in mind, making their first trip in 2000.  They contacted some members of the Castaways who eagerly offered advice on how to make the dream a reality.

    With the mission now clear, Kim and Chris set out to enlist others to join in the cause and it wasn’t long before they had assembled a team of paddlers all with their own stories of battles with cancer and eager to make a stand against the disease.


    2012 – Life As We Knew It Tour

    When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it is almost always thought of as a tragedy.  But out of tragedy can come some pretty amazing things, you just have to look at it from a different perspective.  For a small group of paddlers standing on the muddy banks of the Neuse River on a crisp April morning, life as we knew it was about to change.  In reality though, life as we knew it changed on that fateful day in April 2009 when Kim was diagnosed with cancer.  A simple twist of fate brought us together but the journey we were about to embark upon would forever bind us in friendship and entangle us in a battle of our own, to help rid the world of cancer.

    It was an amazing tour and I still have trouble explaining things to people who were not there with us.  The weather for the entire week was beautiful.  We never encountered any rain and the temperature was perfect for paddling and camping.  Read the complete trip report here;  2012 Trip Report

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