October Training Mission a Complete Success

On October 13th Kim, Chris, Laura, Cathy, Mary Grace, Wendy and Sara headed up to Lake Drummond in the Great Dismal Swamp for an overnight trip.  We were joined by Castaway’s Against Cancer member Craig Engler, aka the Pylon King, Lake Drummond Trollywho recently moved from Florida to Chesapeake Virginia.  We made the short 3 mile paddle from the access just north of the Feeder Ditch out to the Lake Drummond Reservation. After setting up camp we ventured out onto the lake to explore for the afternoon. Dinner back in camp was followed by a wonderful exchange of stories with Craig about both our tour this past April and the years he has paddled with the Castaways. We awoke to a beautiful Sunday morning and following breakfast we packed up and made the short trek back to the launch site.  After loading the cars and farewells with Craig, we made the 45 minute drive around to Merchants Millpond State Park.  The trip to the park was a true adventure as none of us had ever visited the millpond before.  Once unloaded, we paddled out to our campsite where we unloaded the boats and then headed back out to explore.  The GPS was a great help in finding our way around.  We paddled deeper into the watery Cypress forest and after a couple of hours finally circled back around to oimg_8243ur campsite.  Mary Grace and Sara, unable to stay the night, reluctantly left the group to head back to the parking area.  Chris joined them on their paddle back to the boat access so he could help them load.  Just before reaching the turn to the access, Mary Grace spotted an alligator which has quickly earned her the nickname of the Louisiana Gator Hunter.  We were able to get some great pictures of the gator before he finally got bored with us and swam away.  Back at camp the Fire Marshall, Wendy, built us a toasty fire where we enjoyed fellowship into the early evening.  Check out the rest of our pictures from the trip.

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