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Age:Dave Bio 2013



Years Paddled: 

2012 – 2014



I am married to Lori,  my wife of almost 30 years.  We have three grown children; Amanda, Garrick, and Aliza, daughter-in-law Megan and grandson Alaric.  Of course, I can’t forget my “adopted” daughter Stephanie.

Where he’s from:

I am originally from Michigan, but I have lived all over the world.  Currently I call Fayetteville, NC home.



Incomplete, always trying to learn something new.



Not if it can be avoided.  (US Army Retired)


What has influenced his life:

Many events, people and ideas, but the greatest influence has been my family.


Fun Fact:

I didn’t list him as family, but I do sometimes refer to my dog, Rowdy, as my youngest son.


Essential Paddling Gear:

A canoe; yep I said it, a canoe.  You know what they say, “half the paddle, twice the paddler”  (just kidding)

In his own words: 

As a two-time cancer survivor I want to continue to fight, and this is one small way to do that.  Cancer tried to take my life, and failed.  I’ll not let it take away living which to me means loving my family, continuing to learn, exploring new places, and doing things I enjoy such as paddling.  Click here to read Dave’s Story

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