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Age:  49


Years Paddled: 

Rookie 2017


Married for 16 years to my loving and supportive husband Jeff Hallenbeck. Jeff supports all my adventures, crazy as they may seem. Together we have four children, Jacob Mann 26, Jesse Fowler 22, Morgan Hallenbeck 22, and Greggory Hallenbeck 12.

Where she’s from:

I was born in Mesa Arizona, and lived in Ohio, Tennessee and moved to NC in 1982. I graduated from Cary High School in 1985. I have lived in Johnston and Harnett counties in NC most of my adult life except for a short stint back in Tennessee and when I went to Iowa State University for 2 years.


I graduated from Wake Technical Community College in 1996. I graduated from Iowa State University in 1998 with my BS in Sociology. I graduated from Liberty University in 2013 with my Masters in Human Services with a specialization in Business Administration.


I am the owner of Whispers of Nature where I connect people with Nature and serve as a wilderness transformation mentor. Guiding people through nature on trails of transformation with guided hikes, retreats and mentoring. I am a writer. I love to garden and make organic lotions, scrubs, and essential oils for aroma therapy. I’ve even been known to create awesome fairy houses and gardens.

What has influenced her life:

My family, friends and spending time in Nature has greatly influenced me. I have enjoyed hiking, camping and spending time in Nature ever since I can remember. I love exploring and taking pictures!

Fun Fact:

I love 70’s music.

Essential Paddling Gear:

We will find out!

In her own words: 

The last few years have been very trans-formative.  I started on a journey of self-discovery.  I started to walk out in Nature almost every day and found tremendous healing.  I began to let go of things that no longer served me, I began to change beliefs that no longer made sense, I re-wrote my story, turning the negatives into positives. I discovered the healing powers of spending time in nature.  Recently, I decided to thru hike the Mountain to Sea Trail.  I am starting at the beginning of March at the coast and hoping to finish in the mountains around my 50 th birthday in June.  

While planning my Mountain to Sea trail hike I found Hope Floats NC and I do not think it was by coincidence.  It is for a great cause and has become very personal for me because my Aunt Cathy is battling cancer and has started chemo. I pray that she finds complete healing and I am honored to be a part of this incredible group for her. This is for you Aunt Cathy! The battle is won!

Follow along with me also at my website   www.whispersofnature.com


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