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      I am older than a head of cabbage but for a mountain I have only begun to live.        

Years Paddled: 

Rookie 2017


I am married to Sabrina we have two daughters who are married. We have a grand daughter and grand son on the way.

Where he’s from:

I was raised in Wake Forest and that is where I lived until I meet my wife who is from Salisbury after we where married we decided to settle in Holly Springs where we live today.


Wake Forest high school but do we ever really stop learning.


I work at being retired and part time Fuquay Varina fire department.

What has influenced his life:

The fire department, but mostly my wife for she is the driving force behind what I do she want let me give up.

Fun Fact:

Going to restore stores, flea markets and paddling with my new friends (HOPE FLOATS) to top the list.

Essential Paddling Gear:

My new 16 foot battle ship to help fight the war on cancer with.

In his own words: 

To me it doesn’t matter if someone raises 1 dollar or a million dollars ever bit helps. My family has been affected by cancer one way or another some beat it and some lost battle. But the reason that really gets next to me is the children that are affected by cancer.


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