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65 Years Young

Years Paddled:



I am so very blessed to have 5 amazing children in my life – Robbie, Nefer, Ranna, Jason & Heather – and my amazing sister, Linnie. All are finding their way in the world, and I am very proud of each one of them.

Where she’s worked:

I have traversed many career pathways … wine imports in San Francisco; cannery worker in Alaska; street vendor in Washington, DC; teacher and Master Gardener in Marin County, CA; typesetter and graphics artist in Los Angeles; and most currently, hospital administrative assistant in Siler City, NC.

Who Has Influenced Her Life:

Every thing and every one. My grandma taught me I am NEVER alone. My dad taught me I
can. My mom taught me not to care what other people think. My sister and Kim have taught
me that any obstacle can be overcome. My children have taught me extreme patience and
belief in the impossible. My time in Alaska taught me to believe in myself and how powerful
I am. My son reminds me to laugh and HAVE FUN. Chris has restored my faith in chivalry.
Every single day teaches me to shoot for the stars!


Fun Fact:

I spent 6 weeks by myself in a tiny cabin on the far side of Kodiak Island in Alaska.

 Essential Paddling Gear:

My 140 Wilderness Tsunami, Werner paddle, good friends, fair weather (optional), ANY body of water, and a good “cuppa” at the end.

In Her Own Words:

Paddling with Hope Floats NC started out as a challenge to myself, but is now much more of a tribute to my mom, who
died on 9/09/09 after a 2-year battle with malignant melanoma, and all my friends and family (unfortunately, too many to state here) who have been touched by this ravaging disease.

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.”- Moshe Dayan



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